Chemical weapon agents

Although chemical weapons are no longer used and are now regulated under the Chemical Weapons Convention, they are still found in areas of former manufacturing, storage and disposal. Ever y year numerous incidents are reported where people have been exposed to these chemicals through contact with buried or sea dredged ammunition, resulting from WWI/WWII

disposal activities. These chemicals cause severe burns and blisters and are known carcinogens. RPS has a licence to acquire and keep explosives and can analyse a variety of related explosive products including: precursors, stabilizers, taggants, and degradation products.

RPS can offer screening for other chemical agents and related chemicals in soil, water, swabs and a variety of other materials. The laboratory provides rapid analysis of materials suspected of containing blister agents and their breakdown products such as:

  • 1,4-Dithiane
  • 1,4-Thioxane
  • Lewisite  I, II & III
  • Mustard gas H,Q & T
  • Thiodiglycol

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